Sunday, October 5, 2014

Spiti's Mountains of Truth

A dedication to the inspiring Himalayan landscape, the people of Spiti and Ecosphere's efforts to conserve them. 

Stripped off their

Green robes

They stand tall


All truth

For those seeking it.

The truth that,

For the recipe of Life,

All you need is

A little bit of air,

Some water prancing about the rocks

A blue sky above

And the fire in your heart.

The fire ,

To live off

The bare elements

And yearn for nothing more.

With every step you take


The bearers of this Truth,


Humbly drop

The many superficial layers

Of your Identity,

To find Yourself


Into the eyes of the Mountains.

The mountains,

Stripped off their

Green robes,

Stand tall


All truth

For those seeking it.

About the author : This post is by Ranjhita, a traveller from Bangalore. She and her husband Karthik visited Spiti this June as part of Ecosphere's travel program. You can also visit Ranjitha's blog here.

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